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just wanna tell you i’m really proud of you today for waking up.

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The Samezuka Swim Club Retirement Tradition has been on Ai’s mind since he became captain… Keep those muscles at work, Ai-chan and you’ll eventually get them Perfect Body! xD

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blaaargh , I’ve been struggling forever trying to paint a decent background for these two fellas but it’s just not working out so for now I’m posting them bgless untill the day I have the courage to try again painting it ;____; , I should really focus on improving my environment drawing skills 

also do fullview it! 

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Take good care of my team.

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Thanks for swimming with us!

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I sincerely apologize to everyone who followed me thinking I was a good and quality blog.

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Can’t stop won’t stop~

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sailor senshi and the meaning of their entire name